Ottawa Debating Society

Where the purpose of disagreement is PROGRESS

President's Message

Club launch on Tuesday, January 22nd at 7:00. Register here for a free ticket!

Our Mission

Are you interested in critical thinking and a good debate?

Improve your public speaking, build your confidence and develop your style by practicing with like-minded peers. 

Honing your skills at the podium in a non-partisan forum is a great way to establish your voice.

You don't have to get elected to debate in this House! 


DEBATE a wide range of topics with different styles and formats.

EMPOWER members to communicate openly and effectively.

BENEFIT the community through outreach programs.

ACCLAIM speakers of opposing arguments.

TREAT members and guests with respect and consideration.

EXPRESS the majority interests of club members through good governance.

Ottawa's Only Public Debating Club

  • Support parliamentary democracy.
  • Promote freedom of expression.
  • Respectfully agree to disagree.


Everyone is entitled to YOUR opinion

  • Expand your critical thinking skills.
  • Identify fact from fiction.
  • Turn the art of discussion into a sport.

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What you need to know


Styles of Debate

The Ottawa Debating Society uses the same protocols and procedures as our affiliate club, the Toronto Debating Society

Styles of Debate


This is how your role applies to the debate.

Roles & Responsibilities


These guidelines show you how long you have to speak.



This is how you present your resolution.

The Resolution

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Join the club

Ottawa Debating Society is the only public debate club in Canada's capital. It is a non-partisan non-profit community organization.

Membership fees:    Adults: $65     Students & Seniors: $40

Our affiliate club is the Toronto Debating Society.

Constructive input is appreciated. We're open to debate!

Everyone of voting age is welcome. Guests are free. You must be a member to debate.

Ottawa Debating Society

99 Bank St. Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 6B9 Canada